These words from Edmund Chan resonate deeply with me as we embark on the journey with the team at Covenant Capital.


Think Big

Some have asked me, ‘How big do you want to grow?’, ‘Where do you see the firm in 5 years?’, ‘What is your vision for the firm?’. In the world of wealth management, the common measures of success are ‘Assets Under Management’ (AUM), ‘revenue’ and other financial metrics.

We look ahead and plan ahead, with details on AUM growth & team strength, but sometimes the qualitative expresses it better than the quantitative.

Our long term goal is to make an impact on the wealth management industry in Singapore & Asia. To drive investment professionals – private bankers, investment counsellors and other professionals, back to the fundamental role that they are called to – stewardship of clients’ assets.


Start Small

Here we are! We launch with a team of 7 in a cozy shophouse along Club Street. I firmly believe that team dynamics and synergies are key. As a firm, we have a solid team of individuals who have different gifts and skill sets but work towards the same goal of stewardship of client assets.


Build Deep

The temptation to grow will always be there, and without a deep foundation, the risk of failure when the storms come will always be there. Covenant Capital is built on the foundation that strong values and a strong investment core is crucial to weather ever-changing economic and market conditions.

It is my hope and prayer that as we strive toward excellence in wealth management for our clients and grow over the years, the team-in-Covenant will always remember our beginnings –


Think Big (Industry Impact), Start Small (Humility),
Build Deep (Firm Foundation).