Personal Data Protection Act

As per the PDPA, the below information maps out how Covenant Capital Pte Ltd. makes use of the information that you have provided to us.


What types of Personal Data do Covenant Capital collect?

Personal data is any information that relates to an identifiable individual and we may collect this information when you interact with our staffs:

1. Personal Particulars (e.g. name, address, date of birth)

2. Tax, Insurance and employment details

3. Banking information and financial details

4. Details of interactions with us (eg. Images, voice recordings, personal opinions)

5. Information obtained from mobile devices with your consent


How do we collect your Personal Data?

The below are the ways that we collect your data:

1. Investment Management Agreement forms, Risk Profile forms, Subscription forms

2. Via emails, SMSes, Whatsapps, phone calls or any other digital means to the office or its’ staffs


How do we use your Personal Data?

1. For General Support

a. Verify your identity before providing our services, or responding to any of your queries, feed-back and     complaints

2. For our Internal Operations

a. Aid our analysis so that we can improve our services and products

b. Manage our day-to-day business operations

c. Ensure that the information that we have on you is current and up to date

d. Conducting Due Diligence checks to reduce Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Schemes

e. Comply with all laws and obligations from any legal authorities

f. Seek professional advice, including legal

g. Provide updates to you


Who do we share your Personal Data with?

1. Third parties that works with us, such as Custodian Bank of choice, Fund Administrators for the Funds that we     manage, IT support who back up our database and other service provider

2. Relevant authorities such as government or law enforcement agencies

3. We require all personnel of the company and third party to ensure that any of your data disclosed to them is kept     confidential and secure

4. We do not sell your Personal Data to any third party and we shall comply fully with any duty and obligation of     confidentiality that governs our relationship with you


Accessing and Correction of Personal Data

Please contact your advisor/banker on accessing and correction of Personal Data, or alternative you can contact


Withdrawal of Consent

Please contact your advisor/banker on accessing and correction of Personal Data, or alternative you can contact


If you have any doubt, please contact Mr Tay Kian Ngiap, the PDPA Data Protection Officer for Covenant Capital Pte. Ltd. He can be reached at