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The Navigator

November 2020

No Blessings goes uncontested

August 2020

Band Aid

June 2020

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

April 2020

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Protagoras Paradox – Covid19 [Webinar]

March 2020

Another hole in the wall

February 2020

nCov and where is the Batman when we needed him most

January 2020

What’s on your mind

November 2019

When you wish upon a star

September 2019

This is the world we live in

August 2019

I see Yield, you see me

July 2019

Investment Outlook 2H19 : It’s getting late

June 2019

Conflated, Confused, hopefully not Concussed

May 2019

The Tariff Man Strikes Again

March 2019

Show Me The Money

February 2019

When Doves Cry

December 2018

The dreaded “R” word

October 2018

Simi ci 7th innings?

September 2018

O Captain! My Captain!

August 2018

Turkey is a delicious bird if cooked correctly

June 2018

Memories fade but the scars still linger

May 2018

Thucydides Trap

March 2018

Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

February 2018

Hachiko – The dogged tale of faithfulness and loyalty

Don’t Worry Be Happy

January 2018

Eat Drink Man Woman

November 2017

Melt Up

October 2017

Are we there yet, Minsky?

September 2017

The Epitpah of QE and his mates

August 2017

And the three bears never saw her again

July 2017

As we estivate we contemplate ahead

June 2017


May 2017

Le Pen is not mightier than the sword

April 2017

Don’t forget to breathe

March 2017

Focus on your core

February 2017

It’s complicated

January 2017

The Year Ahead 2017 – It’s the end of QE as we know it (And I feel fine)

December 2016

Break on through the other side

November 2016

A Time of Syncretism

October 2016

Dog Days Are Over…for now

September 2016

Let’s get fiscal, fiscal

August 2016

Me Before You

June 2016

Cheerios Good Mates

Dont Leave Me This Way

Mind the Gap

2H16-Investment-Strategy-O$ (don’t need to) P$

May 2016

Money No Enough

April 2016

The Sign Says Valetudinarian People Need Not Apply

March 2016

From Fear to Feh to Faith

February 2016

Prop Me with the Possibilities

January 2016

The Year Ahead 2016 Outlook: Fear is the knowledge of impending danger


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