Covenant Capital is a Singapore-based independent wealth manager.

We hold the Capital Markets Services License issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Our Firm operates on a fundamental bond between ourselves and the clients we serve. A bond built on professional and social ethics, expert knowledge and an unbiased stewardship towards holistic wealth accumulation and preservation.

Covenant Capital exists with a single-minded purpose to serve only the interests of our clients. We believe that such a covenant of trust, between clients and partners, is the only sustainable basis of long term wealth preservation, accumulation and partnership.

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“At Covenant Capital, we want to be the catalyst for change in the wealth management industry, realigning investment professionals back to the core role of stewardship of client assets.”

We ensure this long-term fiduciary symbiosis through the following:

We earn predominantly via a fee-based model, solely on the state of our clients’ wealth. Our clients are our only paymaster; not a bank or a broker.

We employ an open architecture work approach, working with the best-of-breed fund managers, insurance and estate planning services. We are able to select the best as well as the most efficient cost structure for our clients.

We are not restricted to a single house view and instead have access to street-wide research to deliver an independent and unbiased prognosis for our clients in an increasingly challenging and changing world.

Every member of the founding team are stake owners of the firm which means we are intricately linked to our clients’ well-being, both financially and personally.

We pride ourselves to be different from other wealth managers. Our core team comprises largely investment-focused professionals.

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Covenant Capital’s investment philosophy is built upon 3 pillars:

1. Aligning interests to clients and their heirs’, and empowering clients to be stewards of their assets by providing discretionary and advisory investment solutions throughout their life journey, from wealth accumulation to wealth preservation and to wealth transference.

2. Offering unparalleled investment expertise with a core team comprising of highly experienced and disciplined investment-focused professionals with an average of 18 years of experience in the financial services industry.

3. Tapping on an open architecture approach, which allows Covenant Capital access to an ecosystem of platforms and products globally and in Asia, enabling the firm to provide sound recommendations on investment and wealth management opportunities that are tailored to the clients’ best interests at the most efficient cost structure.

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